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Submit me a Thing! If I even do, I will be incredibly somber and critical throughout the entire thing. I found it on LiveJournal. Natsu POV… It had been 3 days since the Lisanna and I hugging thing happened and the guild thought we were dating now. Plus, when we hugged I felt a connection, a strong one. Lucy POV… I was out of strength and tired and sad. I was in here fighting the demons and grim reapers while Lisanna and Natsu were dating. Gray visited me quite a few times and told me he loved me. I have to admit Gray was on my dating options. But how could Natsu just forget about me?

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Kinda the reason she should go on a blind date since lucy heartfilia, my favorite paring! Many other fairy tail fanfiction by anxmelyfe fairy tail fanfic stinglu by kuzume with loke. Earlier that fairy tail’s th chapter 5: fiction t – words: 1 – duration: t – rated:

Aye Cana spit her like to Natsu, her his neck and loving her return to come. fairy tail fanfiction natsu and lucy dating She will happen you her while another.

He calls her Luigi. Natsu is blushing. What a nice person! Natsu gets confused. Part III ft. Natsu seems pretty happy about the whole situation. Natsu has to go help! Even though he has no way of fighting them! This seems well planned out! She grabs his shoulders was that going to be a hug or…? Quick, grab Natsu!

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Neither of them have even considered a relationship, especially not with each other. Because of this, she starts to picture it in her mind and perhaps imagine what it would be like if they were in a relationship. Again, though, this is still very early stages in their development, so she will continue to deny any sort of feelings for Natsu. Sadly, though, Lucy is nowhere near the love stage at this point.

Rather, this is her beginning to toy with the idea of liking Natsu. However, at this stage she will still continue to deny any feelings for him.

If there is one thing Fairy Tail fans cannot stand, it is an open ending. Over the years, the series left followers with more questions than answers.

Natsu was over the moon. He had officially started dating Lucy for a couple months in secret. They had officially started getting intimate with one another. He was ecstatic about their relationship, which was going so well. Natsu and Lucy were planning on announcing their relationship to the guild, soon. As Natsu sat at the table with Erza, Happy, and Gray, he smelled a familiar scent.

While looking down at his food, he said, “Hi, Lisanna! How are you today? He asked, “Natsu, are you crazy? She’s not in the guild hall. He sniffed again.

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A young woman with short hair had watched the man destroy the moon with wide eyes. Just what was so funny to the blonde. Kurama had already finished his job and was playing the his new pet demon tree.

Fairy Tail Fanfiction Natsu And Lucy Dating. It is not 6tin und timber Meet 90RNO and good man, and wie Android und iOS User, muss online speed dating.

From now on, Juvia will learn to control her powA drunk Gray rejects Juvia, breaking her heart. Juvia is pulling on Gray’s arm slightly, and Gray looks as if he’s about to give in but is also annoyed by the whole thing. I greeted him and we talked for a little bit before Natsu and Gray went at it leaving Juvia and I to talk. He ignores her for about a year and Juvia has about had it. Juvia was out of the race. Mira was also shocked at the sudden news but she knows that it was just a fake news.

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Description : Natsu and Lucy had been dating for 3 months now, though the guild doesn’t know about it. They maintained a low profile and hid it from plain sight. They’re doing a good job since not a single soul had caught them. They do enjoy their private moments, although they really want to come out of the dark and tell everyone.

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I glanced up from my notebook when I heard the front door chime. So unless I was unloading the morning freight, I was stuck sitting behind the cash register. We made a damn good team. Though I could smell the hidden food, I was just as affected by the clingy black tank top he was wearing. He only wore shirts like that when he was going to or coming back from the gym and it was a damn shame because they showed just enough skin that I always wanted to see more.

He cleared his throat and bumped against my shoulder. Did he ask me a question? Apparently when I plugged it in last night, the cord came out of the wall so like half an hour of YouTube later it was toast. Gray laughed. I shrugged as I shoved my hands into the pockets of my apron. For some reason it was imperative that I protect my clothes from what? Pencil shavings? I resisted gritting my teeth together as I took a deep breath. How could the bastard try to guilt me over food?

Nalu secretly dating fanfic

Fairy Tail arguably has some of the strongest characters in anime, from the mighty Erza Scarlet to the fire-breathing dragon slayer, Natsu Dragneel. Time after time, these mages have proven the limitless potential to their power and fighting spirit even through the deadliest of situations. But beyond these overpowered heroes, there are also many Fairy Tail characters who have failed to stay on par with their comrades.

While power and strength are not all that define a character, it’s hard not to draw comparisons between those who can fight their own battles and those who can’t.

Fairy Tail boasts some pretty powerful characters. The most this little guy can do in a battle is fly Natsu from place to place and cheer from the Cancer is one of many Celestial Spirits under Lucy’s possession as a key.

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It’s hard to choose. She asked, “Is there something wrong, Mira? Mira screeched, “You can run, but you can’t hide, Bickslow! Natsu is the last person on her mind. To be honest, I’ve always been envious of you for being so dedicated to your family but seeing you like this is really sexy. It was beyond sweet.

Lucy has always loved Natsu, but Natsu and Lisanna are childhood friends and they’re always together. How will Lucy get closer to Natsu?

Bad Season – There is a certain season for each Dragon Slayer. Each one comes at a different time. For Natsu, it comes early. His dark side is awakened in his hunt to find his mate, A. She tries to escape, but in the end, will the animal in him win? Third Times the Charm – How many times does it take to get Lucy to believe him?

Luckily for Natsu, it only takes him three. Three grueling, heart-breaking times. Owning You – After a battle with a dark mage, Natsu is forced into heat. How will the rest cope up with a dragon slayer who wants nothing to do but claim his mate? Dragon slayers too have their animalistic side.

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